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Business Consulting

“A big business starts small.”

Richard Branson

Stay Fab Business Consultant will help new businesses with the set up your entity, provide guidance through your business plan and social media management. Stay Fab Consultant give business owners advice on strategy, problem solving, and developing skills. Together, we will come up with resources and lay out a plan to improve your organization's performance. Let us work with you to help achieve goals or streamline operations.


“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

As a talent manager we step in so our clients don't have life feel overwhelming. Our talent managers take care of daily activities such as checking email, arranging travel, managing schedules and preparing clients for their next meeting or event. 

Executive Manager services include:

  • Coordinating and organizing video/photo shoots, promotional drops and promotional events.

  • Identifying, creating and responding to opportunities, appearances and talent inquiries.

  • Schedule management for everything from doctor appointments to public appearances. 


Like an agent, we will seek out opportunities and manage negotiating where you see fit. We work for you - keeping you apprised of opportunities, creating them and always making certain our clients Stay Fabulous. 

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